Past Projects


Somewhere in a place a bit like Paris, 1625. The kings and queens of France, England and Spain are all younger than 25 years of age and wield tremendous political power. Diplomats, spies and assassins travel between royal courts negotiating weddings, alliances and secret treaties.

France has twenty million subjects and is ruled by King Louis XIII and his Queen, Anne of Austria. The political power of the country lies with first statesman Cardinal Richelieu the leader of the French Catholic Church.

Europe is seven years into the Thirty Year’s War; a brutal religious conflict that will eventually claim eight million casualties. The Old Foe, England, is ruled by the sickly James I, supported by the Earl of Buckingham. The Spanish have the greatest navy the world has ever seen. The high seas are alive with pirates, privateers and merchants returning from the Americas overflowing with plunder.

This is the backdrop against which Musketeers will run...

Further information can be found on the Musketeers website (external link) .