Auckland, 24 June, 2017

6:00pm - 11:59pm

Venue: 830 New North Rd, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025, New Zealand
PriceThere is a flat cost of $20 to attend for crew and players. People are asked to contribute a small plate of finger food. 
Facebook eventBuckingham's ball

It should come as no surprise, that all parties must wear a guise.
For as noble and common, as man or as woman,
As Parisians shall ye revel, on this night of equal level.

Take hold of your chance, and ask your paramour to dance,
Keep to your feet, romance to entreat,
With company so fine, how could they decline?

Hold aloft your wine glass, toast gay Paris’ class!
The fruit of these vines, French vineyards’ divine,
And delicious berry, so drink and be merry!

So come and celebrate; that which we have ‘tis great!
If any of these spark your interest at all, then be there my friend!
At Buckingham’s Ball!


The Duke of Buckingham is throwing a ball in Paris, and you’re all invited!

The game will be held on Saturday 24th June, at Ferndale House (830 New North Road, driveway on corner of New North Road and Alexis Rd). The doors open at 6pm, and it will be game on at 7pm. 

This event is a purely roleplaying event. All NPCs will be there for roleplaying and character relationship development, and not to advance the main stories. You will not ‘fall behind’ if you do not attend. 

There will be dancing, in some way, shape or form. We’re finalising those details. There is space outside the venue for duels and pistol shooting, but due to the nature of the venue, absolutely no fights are to take place inside.


If you’re not sure your PC has a reason for attending, and you can’t invent one, email us and we’ll get you in. IC ‘dates’ are absolutely not a requirement for attending - after all, balls are a wonderful place to meet people, if you are so inclined, or you can come for the food and merriment. Because it is a masquerade, please feel free to come 'incognito'.

If you wish your character to receive a personalised invitation from the Duke of Buckingham, then you are more than welcome to opt in! We shall make certain there is a section of the event signup that gets your required details.

Crew are welcome at the event! Some of you will have existing NPCs you can play. If you don’t and you’d still like to come to the ball, you can get one of very few pre-written roleplaying characters or you can make up an NPC to play for the event. We’ll start a thread on the crew group. Please make sure you let us know what NPC you're intending to bring, we'll need to make sure it's suitable for the event.

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