NZLARPS Code of Conduct

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable time at NZLARPS events. To help everyone achieve this, we have adopted the Code of Conduct outlined here, so that the larping community remains a good friendly group of people.

All attendees at NZLARPS events must follow this Code of Conduct.

Listen to the GMs instructions and behave in a reasonable way. The GMs and organisers will do their best to look after the safety and well being of everyone, however each person needs to take responsibility for their own well being. If you have any known conditions or allergies please let the GMs know and make sure you have your own appropriate medicine available. Try to avoid putting yourself in situations where you endanger yourself or others.

Treat other attendees, both players and crew, with respect, including respecting each other's privacy and avoiding discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and personal attacks. There is a difference between in-character actions and out-of-character actions. We do not tolerate out-of-character attacks of any kind. If you witness someone else being the victim of such attacks please let a GM or committee member know.

Due to the colourful activity that larping is, we sometimes attract the attention of people not involved in the game. This could occur even in remote areas. Everyone is expected to treat the public with courtesy and respect, and do your best to show larping in a good light and to not bring us into disrepute.

Attendees and organisers of any NZLARPS project are required to abide by all New Zealand laws, and any local by-laws while participating in any game or project. If the police arrive, e.g. due to a concern of local neighbours, please explain the nature of the game and/or direct them to a GM.

Look after the venue, clean up and put rubbish and recycling in appropriate bins. Try to avoid any damage to the buildings and surround, but if any happens report it to the GMs. Abide by all rules for the venue including no alcohol where applicable.

You are expected to pay all game fees and debts related to larping activities promptly.

Adult attendees will take special care of any attendees aged under 16 years. You will respect young people's right to personal privacy at all times especially in regards to sleeping, changing of clothing, bathing and ablutions. Where reasonably possible young attendees will not be left alone with adults other than their parents or legal guardians, and they will remain within sight of at least two adults.