Auckland, 15 September, 2017

15 Sep 2017 – 17 Sep 2017

Location: Kiwanis Lodge, 1331 Huia Rd, AUCKLAND [Map]
Cost: Players $130 ($10 discount for NZLARPS members); Crew $55 ($10 discount for NZLARPS members, $10 discount for early tickets). Eventbrite fees apply.
Registration: Eventbrite

Welcome back to Not-Quite-Paris!

It is the end of October in 1625, four months since the outbreak of disease threatened Paris, and three months since the Duke of Buckingham's delightful ball.

The newly returned Queen Mother, Maria de Medici, has made herself at home in Paris and there is little her detractors can do. The peace with Spain is holding and there have been no Spanish attacks on French soil, or on the seas. Tensions with England, however, are escalating by the day. Princess Henriette Marie has announced a surprise engagement to a little known French country lord, snubbing negotiations with King Charles, invoking England’s fury, and King Louis’ displeasure. There is already discontent over the Duke of Buckingham’s extended sojourn in Paris and his alleged kidnap of Lady Jennifer Montagu. To make matters worse, the English channel is rife with pirate attacks on both English and French ships, and each nation blames the other.

Joyfully, however, there are whispers that Queen Anne is at last pregnant, and the court waits eagerly for confirmation of a potential heir!

The new Mayor of Paris, Therese Durand, and her brother, the celebrated stage actor Rene Durand, are enjoying great public favour, while Cardinal Richelieu’s Red Guard are unpopular on the streets of Paris following their alleged role in the death of the previous Mayor.

The Court of Miracles is a hive of activity. After the battle for the streets of Paris was fought in the Court between ‘La Chat Noir’ and the imposter ‘Christ’, the mysterious ‘Charon’ has taken it upon himself to be a generous benefactor. His anger and frustration at the upper classes for ignoring the plight of the lower classes has been channeled into gifts of food and opportunity for the poorest of Paris. September was marked by a sudden street festival that sprang out of nowhere, with wine and food for all. It is said that he has sworn that no mouth in Paris will be without bread - even if he has to take it from the rich first. The only fly in the ointment is the plight of orphanages: abandoned children are disappearing without a trace, and people are turning from the city watch to Charon for help.

Crime is, overall, down in the streets of Paris. Captain Treville and his Musketeers patrol the streets regularly and the people welcome them with open arms. They are more than match for the increase in protestant rebels, whose sudden proliferation leaves no doubt their funding has been increased by someone. But with the hard work of the Musketeers, the streets of Paris are safe to walk at night and the blue cloak is a popular sight this summer.

Rumour has it, that the most legendary members of the King’s Musketeers - Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan - who stopped being seen around Paris a year ago, are once again being spotted around the city. Is it really them? If so, where have they been, and why are they in the shadows, instead of on active duty?

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