Auckland, 7 April, 2017

07 Apr 2017 (7:00pm) – 09 Apr 2017 (12:00pm)

Location: Kiwanis Lodge, 1331 Huia Rd, AUCKLAND [Map]
Cost: Players $125; crew $60; ticketing fees apply. $10 discount for NZLARPS members and $10 discount for payment before March 10)
Registration: Eventbrite

Bonjour! And welcome to a swashbuckling larp of espionage, romance and bold heroics!

It is early July, in the year 1625. Three months has passed since the events of “All of One”. Six weeks ago, Queen Anne travelled to England to attend the coronation of King Charles I of England, attended by some of her ladies, musketeers, and courtiers. The King, and all of France, yearns for her safe and speedy return.

The heat of summer already lies upon Paris. While it brings with it the threat of plague, Cardinal Richelieu’s devoted shepherding of France’s Catholic souls has ensured that God continues to smile upon France, and the city is as hale and hearty as ever. The poor too have been blessed in this season, as the Seine sparkles like jewels, Parisians are very generous towards the lower classes and beggars (whether or not they’re aware of their generosity until later, that’s a different question)

Relations with Spain are tense. The Spanish ambassador returned with a poor report after his most recent visit in April, and the King himself is angry with Spain for failing him in an agreement they had promised to uphold. The Cardinal is attempting to foster diplomacy to stave off war, but for now, there’s a lot of sabres rattling in the air, and he and Captain Treville are becoming increasingly occupied with the matter. Perhaps it is because of this that the nearby seas are dangerous at the moment, with aggressive Spanish ships on the prowl. Or perhaps the notorious pirate Smiling Jack is at work, and rumours of his demise have been greatly exaggerated?

The Duke of Buckingham, meanwhile, is having a jolly time in Paris, despite being shunned at court. There are whispers about why he has stayed so long with no official business to attend to, and why he might have missed the coronation of his monarch. For the moment, at least, the debonair Duke is making no moves to return to England.

A note for players: On Friday night, the game will be split into two parts: a portion of the players will be in England (across the road) and the rest will be in Paris (at the main camp). On Saturday morning, a week will have passed, and the players in England will be returning.

This game will use Eventbrite as a ticketing system. Upon purchasing your ticket, you'll be sent the link to the registration form.

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