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  • Contact: scandal.and.society.larp@gmail.com
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  • Website: Facebook Group

"Scandal and Society" is a social larp, inspired by the dynamics of Regency fiction, particularly the works and adaptations of Jane Austen. If you enjoy her novels, or any of the adaptations from the last 30 years, there is a good chance you will probably enjoy this larp. If the thought of the five hour BBC Pride and Prejudice mini-series from 1995 makes you want to cry (with unhappiness), this larp is probably not for you.

The primary driving force of the game would be solving social problems and having fun with social dynamics (yes, romance is a big one, but not the only one!) Conflict will be introduced by the GM (via GM-direct characters), but can also be introduced by player-driven characters. Conflict can take the form of inconvenient secrets revealed, embarrassing relations, dramatic revelations, incendiary letters, various Wickhams, Lady Catherine with the serial numbers filed off, family obligations, boundaries of class, boring cousins, awkward entails, scandalous relations, compromised reputations, etc.

More information can be found in the setting document (external link) , expectations document (external link) , or on the campaign's Facebook group (external link) . Character creation details can be found here (external link) . If you have questions, please send them to scandal.and.society.larp@gmail.com.