Wellington, 1 December, 2018

1:30pm - 5:30pm

Location: Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison St, Brooklyn, WELLINGTON [Map]
Registration:  Google form
Cost: TBD

After journeying through Heartwood Peak, and beginning to discover some of the secrets lurking beneath the soil, guilds are invited to explore the lowlands to the west of Thunderrealm Island - the isolated and barely-mapped Wayward Stones.

In Wayward Stones, guilds will encounter few explorers, but all will have important information to impart. Under the still waters of the ponds, between the barren branches of the trees, there are secrets to find that have not yet been told. People don't come here unless they're prepared for a challenge.

Thunderrealm Island 2: Wayward Stones is a LARP game intended for 15-30 players. Some information in this game will build on things learned in previous games, but if you are a new guild, you'll be able to be brought up to speed fairly quickly.

Please bring comfortable footwear and a water bottle. These do not need to be in character - comfort is more important than immersion. If the weather is bad, we will do our best to locate quests in sheltered areas, but the game will continue as scheduled.

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