Wellington, 14 October, 2017

2:30pm - 6:00pm

Venue: Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone, Wellington [Map]
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Cost: TBA
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Irselios, lord of the air, lord of death, lies slain. His blood is on the hands of the apostate Tevin Regitze.

This thing is impossible. The world is the gods, and the gods are the world. Livgerian, eldest of the gods, is the sea itself, no less than her husbands Irselios and Narispa are the sky and the land. And what are their three children but the night and the day and the dawn, in all their passion and splendor?

No one knows what happened, not truly.The gods are not omniscient with regard to each other.

Nor could this thing -- which is impossible -- have come at a worse time. Scarcely eighty years have passed since the gods quarreled over possession of the mortal woman Helena of Istarium, and spiraled into a war such as the world had never known. The ashes of ruined Istarium still smolder; the wounds of the world have barely begun to heal. And now, with Lord Irselios gone, perhaps they never will.

At the bidding of Livgerian, queen of the sea, queen of the world, the gods -- together with three mortals who have an undeniable interest in the matter -- have assembled in the sunset palaces to mourn the one who has fallen. But however overpowering their grief, this meeting cannot be a simple funeral. They must decide what to do with Irselios' divine power, which currently lies unclaimed and dangerous. They must decide how to react to the changing mortal world, which has altered more swiftly in the wake of the war than anyone would have thought possible.

They must decide what to do with the deicide...

Howling Fire Theomachy tells the story of an infinitely-powerful, infinitely-broken pantheon, and its reaction to the death of a god. The conclusion of that tale is up to you.

Eight participants are required, as well as an out-of-character Orchestrator to manage and oversee the experience. Five players take on the roles of the five living gods -- puissant, volatile, and grief-stricken. Three take on the roles of three mortal guests at the funeral -- by turns terrified, loving, and furious.

This game lasts two and a half hours, which are sure to be packed with beautiful myths, weighty decision-making, and endless family drama.

Written by Kristen Hendricks. Contains some mature content.

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