Wellington, 19 August, 2017

1:00pm - 5:00pm

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Look to the north when the aurora is in bloom and you might see it rising out of the edge of nowhere. The lost mountain. On the coldest nights, when the Snow Queen casts her spell, those she touches are destined to walk the long path to the lost mountain and never return.

You say you want to go there even knowing that there is no escape, that your heart will become just another star frozen in the Cavern of the Snow Queen. You must be very desperate my child for there is nothing there for you, only the long slow suffering of an endless winter. Even your love will be chilled, your memories of warmth stolen from you, until you are nothing more than a wraith in the thrall of the Snow Queen.

But if you insist all you need to do it follow the path laid out by the northern lights. Follow the path north and north again until you are so cold even a fire will not warm you. Then you will know you are close. Deep in the mountain the Cavern of the Snow Queen lies. If you make it that far I hope you find your Lost Star because I'm sure it will the last happy moment you will have.

"The Cavern of Lost Stars" is the fourth episode in the "Reloaded" campaign. Further details to come.

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