Wellington, 13 May, 2017

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Pinehaven Tennis Club, 37 Pinehaven Rd, Upper Hutt [Map]
Cost: TBA
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The Fall of Corona {M} (EV Studios > Offers In-App Purchases)

The Fall of Corona is a Massive Virtual Reality Adventure where you, the player, can explore the remains of a once great kingdom. From the fallen brass domes of the ruined capital city to the endless forests of the Rosewood, the Fall of Corona offers a unique experience where players can search for ancient treasure, explore the great forest, or even try and rebuild the kingdom itself.

Special Event
Rosethorn village was a peaceful farming community bordering the edge of the Rosewood until a series of deadly wolf attacks sent the villagers into a panic. When their most revered elder, known to all as Grandmother Rose, was found dead and maimed in her bed the villagers banded together to form a hunting party to track down the wolf.

Fortunately, before the ill-prepared villagers set out into the dangerous forest, guardsmen from Daggerhorn Tower arrived to intervene and lead a hunt of their own. Red, the Captain of the Guard, has called on experienced volunteers to join the hunt as the Tower Guard scour the Rosewood for the savage wolf.

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"Red Moon Rising" is the third episode of the "Reloaded" cyberpunk fairytale campaign. For more information check out the Facebook group, or contact

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