Auckland, 16 February, 2018

16 Feb 2018 – 18 Feb 2018

Venue: Piha Mill camp, , Piha, AUCKLAND [Map]
Registration form: Eventbrite
Players: $140 ($10 discount for NZLARPS members). Crew: $65.

It is the eve before the great autumn viking. Jarl Torunn Sivsdotter’s new longship is finally ready to set sail on the dawn tide, this time travelling West into the unknown. Jarl Torunn has gathered those who are joining her, and their well wishers and loved ones who stay behind, to a final feast before the great journey. It will be a night of excitement, bittersweet farewells, and community, before the great unknown. For who knows what lies to the West beyond the endless sea?

We invite you to join us in the first chapter of the forgotten story of the Skyldings, in Saga: Uncharted Waters.

The story of Saga will feature a great journey beyond the lands they know which will test their strength of body, will, and spirit in a quest to find their way home.

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