Wellington, 5 December, 2015

5:00pm - 11:30pm

Venue: Voglemorn Hall, Wellington
Website: Facebook event

It's nine o'clock in the evening; a cold night in Chicago. It's been raining, and for a few moments you could believe that the city's been washed clean. But then you walk into the club, with its warmth and heat and the lights turned low, and you know nothing's changed. Check in your coat at the desk, find a table, order a drink. Look around, but don't meet anyone's eyes. Try and find what you came here for. You're here for a reason. Maybe that reason is a drink, maybe the reason is to meet a friend. This being Chicago, though, at this time, in this place - maybe your reason's something much worse. Fate's got the dice in her hand, and she's going to roll them - you may not know it yet, but this night will change everything.

But it's not that time yet. Tip the doorman, buy a drink, and pay your respects to Ms. Caruso. If you've got weapons, hide them. If you've got a secret, keep it safe. Put on your good face and smile at all the ladies and gentlemen - after all, on a night like this, you don't know who or what they really are. 

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