Auckland, 5 May, 2017

05 May 2017 – 07 May 2017

Location: TBA
Cost: Players $90; Crew $60
Registration: Google Forms
Website: TBA

The bus shudders it's way through the countryside, wheels crunching on gravel roads. The sun has all but gone.
The driver whistles tunelessly along to the radio. It scratches in a language not quite English, but not French. It's mostly static now anyway.
Mama Demache sits at the front of the bus, answering the questions of the eager first years. She offers an occasional warning glances to the rowdy kids in the back seat, who smile too widely to be innocent.
The gaps between the houses grow bigger. The forestry slowly consumes the cityscape in it's rural charm, and cities and villages are left behind.
The cold has come, and with it a thick fog. Children leap to the windows, telling horror stories of swamp monsters waiting in the dark.
Mama Demache tells her own, of her run ins with bayou spirits and her adventures in the swamp lands. Some listen intently, some not at all, but everyone is silent as the bus rolls to a stop.
"You'll 'ave to take 'em from 'ere." The bus driver coughs. "Can't go t'rough t'at fog."

The air is chill outside as they unpack the bus.
Suitcases in hand.
Shaking breaths and anxious frowns.
Footsteps too loud in the silence.

The Hogwarts students blindly follow Mama Demache through the fog.

The next Hogwarts game will be from May 5 - 7. Accommodation and food is provided.

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