Greater Waikato, 13 January, 2017

13 Jan 2017 (7:00pm) – 15 Jan 2017 (1:00pm)

Location: Karamu Trail Track, Smith Road, Karamu [Map]
Cost: Players $125 ($15 discount for NZLARPS members and $10 discount for early payment); crew $80 ($10 discount for NZLARPS members and $10 discount for early payment)
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More details: Facebook event

The expedition is finally within site of an ERD outpost... We say finally because the first outpost they passed, the Ghoul Town set up as an outpost by five wayward expedition members was destroyed when they passed through it. Every ghoul, man woman and child had been killed, and all that remained of the outpost was a blackened track of dirt and some kindling that could have been tent posts once upon a time.
Approaching the original outpost, the Expedition is heartened to see movement, despite the late hour. This outpost at least has not been destroyed.

Lazarus device safely in hand (and off) they make their way towards their payout, warm showers and a decent night's sleep, safe within the confines of a well guarded and well established outpost.

Due to the nature of the venue we are using, bunk spaces are limited to 18 people.

Crew will be able to sleep in the crew room, otherwise tenting space is available. Please note that while we will attempt to source some tents, it is preferable if people were able to supply their own.

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