Auckland, 24 September, 2016

10:00am - 7:00pm

Venue: Glen Eden Rec Centre, 44 Glendale Rd, Auckland [Map] / Castor Bay tunnels, J F Kennedy Memorial Park [Map]
Registration form: Google Drive
Cost: $20 players; $10 crew.
Website: Facebook event

Something is stirring in Brooklyn. Among the ordinary folk of New York, reports of mysterious abductions including several children from Coney Island has started to cause alarm.

Meanwhile, amongst the supernatural community, whispers have become rumours- something is wrong in New York.

The White Council's warden, Lothar Kenway, calls for a conclave of all loyal members of the White Council to work in conjunction with him in investigating the problem.

News of this investigation is leaked to others and the infighting Red and White vampire courts tired of being blamed, demand involvement in the investigation. They are adamant that the vanishing children are not their work, and rely on their servants and kin to prove it.

The Fae, both Summer and Winter, are indifferent to mortal affairs, and care little what petty Wizards are up to but command their kind to find the cause of the infection disrupting paths in New York’s Never Never and put a stop to it.

The Wyldfae have fallen over themselves with enthusiastic offers to help looking into things. But what kind of help are they offering and are they looking for the same thing?

And does it matter? There is one thing all the factions agree on: whatever is causing the dark goings-on in Coney Island is...Fair Game.

The Dry Spell GMs are delighted to announce Auckland Game 3, 'Fair Game'.

This is a TWO PARTER. The first part will happen in the afternoon at Glen Eden Rec Centre, there will then be a break, followed by part 2 at the Castor Bay tunnels on the North Shore.


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