Wellington, 4 June, 2016

7:30pm - 10:30pm

Venue: Vogelmorn Hall, 13 Vennell St, Brooklyn, WELLINGTON [Map]
Registration form: Google Forms
Cost: $20, NZLARPS members, VUWGC members, and new larpers $15
Website: Facebook event

The Masters are off to a conference in Australia. Finally, Theodore's School of Sorcery is empty of grumpy, distant teachers. It's been bad enough without email, but so far you haven't even done any real magic!

You, the students, have agreed to sneak out of the school, head to the seclusion of the forest, and give some of these theories a go. Enough lessons of 'meditating with silence' in the converted garage; enough boring yourself to death as you read through photocopied spellbooks in the library; enough waiting patiently for one of the Masters to so much as let you touch your wand.

You've read how to Duel, and rumour has it some students have stolen a ritual... or was it a secret?... or a powerful necklace? Regardless, now's your chance to put knowledge to the test, prove how good you are...and settle some scores.

"Wands at the Ready" is a larp of teenagers and sorcery by Walter Hamer. A cast-list is available here.

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