Auckland, 25 March, 2023

10:00am - 3:30pm

Venue: Murphy's Bush
Players: $10
Crew: FREE


"War... War never changes"
- Ulysses G. Crab

"Unless you win, then it changes a lot"
- Bogo, Orc Philosopher

Rather than try and describe what a metaphor is with an orc, the party have decided to instead try and prove Bogo right and show that the war can change - by winning it.
Their next challenge was to join the god of nature with their rune stone and bring themselves one step closer to catching 'em all.
However a random stranger in one if the many dark corners of the bar told the party that Bryori's challenge would be one of the hardest yet.
Sliding over a document titled "The Avatar Project" the strangers notes revealed that the party would have to summon the guardian of nature to watch over the world in Bryori's stead.
Only by combining the true essence of the elements could the party have any hopes of summoning the captain of the planet and bring themselves one step closer to defeating Melchior.
Come one and all to the penultimate game for The Isles!
Onsite from: 10am
Game in: 11am
Finish: ~3ish
BYO lunch and water.