Auckland, 18 February, 2023

2:00pm - 6:30pm

Venue: Spookers - 833 Kingseat Road, Kingseat
Cost: $50
By Rowena Knill and Brad Thompsom

Our beloved Queen is gravely ill. The priests have prayed to the Divine and their auguries confirm that Her Majesty’s time is nigh. The mystics have consulted their scrolls and concur with their holy brethren.

As all know, our most blessed queen has no living direct heirs. In her infinite wisdom she has declared there will be one final summit. The Great Houses have been summoned to her side. Her Majesty has declared that this is not to be a time of mourning, but instead a time to gather, rejoice and remember her long, prosperous reign and her many triumphs.

A tournament will be held for the bravest to show their mettle. Scholars will present their newest discoveries. The priests will display their divine powers. The climax of the event will be the choosing of her heir, our future monarch!

Announcing Crown of Ash and Embers - a one off Live Action Role Play event suitable for participants of all experience levels. This theatreform requires no real life skill with swords or magic! You will be given a character who is a member of one of the Great Houses. Your character will have easy to use abilities and will be given suggested goals to guide you along. You will be working to secure the best position for both your House and yourself! Politics, adventure, romance, schemes, quests, and mystery await! 

If you enjoy Dungeons & Dragons, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and other such fantasy worlds, then you will love Crown of Ash and Embers. Wear a costume (as complex or as simple as you like), and lose yourself in a fantasy kingdom for the afternoon. We have teamed up with First Scene to provide participants a discount for all your costume hiring needs! If you have ever been interested in trying LARP this is the perfect event to give it a go!