Auckland, 2 February, 2024

02 Feb 2024 (6:00pm) – 04 Feb 2024 (12:00pm)

Date: 2-4th February
Venue: Camp Morley
Tickets/Registration: TBC
Cost: TBC

A notice from The Scholar appears in every major settlement and trade route reading:

The Calm Seas and Fair Wind festival is upon us, and all folk are invited to celebrate in the Midden District. This is a time to recharge and rejoice while bringing in the new year. As we encourage this new year to be one of peace and unity, we invite all who wish to come share in food, knowledge, and entertainment. The night will end with a cleansing ritual to balance ourselves in preparation for the months ahead led by The Scholar.

It is also a time of change, and we ask our Land Folk friends to join us, read the heavens and help guide us through this difficult time. Many Wandering Folk will be gathering on the shores of the Midden District, completing their own celebration for the new year.

We open our hearts and homes to our Forest Folk friends before they journey back to Arcadia to rest and reflect. There is a sacred grove near our shores where you may find answers about what has transpired. It is said the magic within its circle can amplify even the most powerful of magic users.

For our Earth Folk allies, we invite you to our home filled with all manner of metals and precious stones. We're able to offer these to you so that you might find a way back into the mountains. Our team was sent to explore The Outlet, which may provide you a way back into your homes. They should be returning in time for the celebration and may have important information for you.

We hope you will join us in this celebration, for we know the future contains uncertainty. May we form alliances and friends that help in the coming days. May we nurture the bonds needed to survive the storms ahead.

Welcome to Syzygy: Fair Seas and Calm Winds, the first weekend game of this story.

The game will take place 2-4th February 2024 at Camp Morley, Auckland.
Tickets will be released on 20th October via Eventbrite. The link will be posted before ticket sales.

Character creation and character sheets will be available prior to ticket sales.

The deadline for character sheet submission is 20th November. (P.S. Additional backstory things can be added after this time, just no significant changes to the character concept). This deadline is so we can write a personal plot for you.

Please email us at to discuss character concepts/ideas or any questions.

This is a NZ Larps project. All attendees agree to follow the NZ Larps code of conduct while purchasing tickets.

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