Auckland, 3 December, 2022

2:30pm - 6:00pm

Venue: Spookers, 833 Kingseat Road, Karaka, Auckland
Cost: $50

You are invited to join Drácula and his bride to be in this tabletop role-playing adventure between the twisting halls of Spookers. Grab your friends and partner up into teams of 6, as you move between our talented Storytellers. Work together and overcome the encounters they have laid before you.

Unpick the tale of Drácula courtship and hopefully you will all make it to the reception party at the end. This being Drácula’s big day, make sure you dress to impress. Whether you are a vampire in waiting or a vampire hunter in hiding, you are still going to want to look good for those wedding photos. If you are new to role-playing games, you have nothing to worry about, just dress up and come along. This event is very much like a murder mystery night, so you'll be given a mysterious character to play. Together with your group, you'll make decisions to solve mysteries and complete the adventure while pretending to be your characters.