Auckland, 4 December, 2022

1:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue: University of Auckland 
Cost: $20 per game, with a $5 discount for students/unwaged. Additional donations are gratefully accepted. 

I’m running two  parlour LARPs to help fundraise for an Aotearoa New Zealand non-profit organisation, VSA. If you have any friends you think would like to play, invite them to this event page!

Two games will run on Sunday, 4 December, at the University of Auckland. The games will run indoors, in an accessible room. Game blurbs are below. I am also looking into GMing another game on 3 December, pending my own availability.

Parlour LARP is a style of LARP where players are given pre-generated characters with background, knowledge, and motives. Games happen in a smaller space, often 1-2 rooms, and usually are less than half a day long.

Ticket sales start at 5pm on 1 November.  Tickets will be $20 (per game), with a $5 discount for students/unwaged.
All proceeds will go to VSA.
A kind donor has offered to match the first $500 I fundraise, so your money will count double! Since this is a fundraiser, if you want to pay more than the base cost I’d happily accept further donations.
Distributing character roles will take place starting from 9 November - make sure you buy your ticket!

In line with Covid protocols, participants will need to take a RAT test and wear masks at game.

Carnival Arcane
 Sunday afternoon game, 4 hours, 11-20 players, any combat phys-repped by cards. 1920s costuming (optional)

 “Circuses animal acts draw the largest crowds, but many carnivals still eke out an existence in small towns across America in 1928. 

The people of Warren's Rock cheered when the Lancaster-Rigby carnival train arrived in their quiet New England coastal town yesterday evening. Workers raised a sea of tents and booths overnight, and this morning the carnival opened to a waiting crowd. Every child received a free bag of jelly beans at closing time, and many families went home happy. 

A few people, seeking something they could not find in the world of light and reason, lingered quietly in the shadows. Underworld rumors say the Lancaster-Rigby Carnival is not what it seems, and that if it reopens and admits you at midnight, it can change your life forever. 

A distant harbor whistle announced the midnight hour. Then the lights came up all at once, the gate opened wide, and the barker yelled, "Welcome to the Carnival Arcane!"

The Freighter Coralus
Sunday evening game, 2 hours, 8 players. No combat. Sci-fi/modern costuming

“You are the crew of the Coralus, a rickety old freighter carrying much needed relief supplies to a settlement on the planet Ithaca, which has been cut off by ion storms for the past year. Your ship's power core has overheated and safety protocols are failing. You are going to have to make some tough decisions together, and it’s unlikely everyone will make it out alive.”