Wellington, 12 June, 2021

3:30pm - 8:30pm

Location: Petone Community House, 6 Britannia St, Petone, WELLINGTON [Map]
Registration: LilRegie
Cost: $25, $5 discount for NZLARPS / VUW Games Club / SAGA members and new larpers
Website: Facebook event

The Queen of Arylide, previously dismissed by her neighbours as too young and inexperienced to be of any notice, has unexpectedly won the support of two notable mercenary groups: the Calimala and the Seta. Only a generation ago, they helped a kingdom of the northern countries become a fearsome empire.
Arylide’s neighbours are no longer dismissive.

The royal family of Luxembia, preparing for the worst, have hired a strange group of alchemists into their court: people who claim the magics of the natural world can be replicated and strengthened through the human body. They say there is infinitely more potential in magic than its uses in healing.

Between the two kingdoms are the merchant princes of Rochiram, who have been oddly quiet about the sudden panic.

As a means of fostering peace and communications between the southern countries, the Duchess of Leutke has invited a delegation from each of her neighbours to come to her manor and discuss, in person, the reasons behind the rising tensions and distrust. By means of throwing a week-long party, bookended by “serious” meetings.

Unfortunately, such an event will draw all kinds of attention, from tourists to spies, to rebellious teenagers and thieves...

This is the first event in the "Empty Vessels" campaign. For more information, check out the campaign's Facebook group.

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