Wellington, 6 November, 2020

06 Nov 2020 – 08 Nov 2020

Venue: Brookfield Scout Camp, 562 Moores Valley Road, Wainuiomata, WELLINGTON [Map]
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Cost (Preliminary): Players $150 ($10 discount for NZLARPS members,) Crew $80 ($10 discount for Early Bird payment)
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The Rift has closed, and shows no sign of reopening. As the people of Consequence go about their days, something else seems to stir in the Riftside town.

The monstrous stag-beast that brought the Summer Fair to a close three days ago has not been spotted since but Vanguard is not taking any chances. Armed officers have formed a perimeter around the town in case it returns, their presence evident only by the flickering lanterns distantly observed through the woods each night.

Taking advantage of the reduced Vanguard presence in the town proper, Consequence’s mining contractors have seized their opportunity and declared a strike, citing as cause (in addition to hazardous conditions and long hours,) some malevolent force lurking in the tunnels. Perhaps it is these tensions that have exacerbated the lingering sense of fatigue that rests on the shoulders of the townsfolk.

Governor Acerbi however seems oddly upbeat, despite appearing to take little rest. With a significant number of her officers assigned to perimeter patrol, she has seemingly raised the bar of which crimes are worth Vanguard’s time to investigate. There is some unease surrounding the freedoms granted to a number of the convict labourers under the command of the newest Warden, however Marlene Holtz seems capable enough to keep them out of trouble so far.

Madame Opal and her Carnival of Wonders have been raising spirits in town at a time when entertainment and distraction are in high demand. They continue the fine tradition of the Carnival as a refuge for those who don’t fit in elsewhere. Professor Mackillop and the Smithsonian Expedition, for their part, have thrown themselves into the work of studying the Riftside region and are taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the current situation.

In science news, Vanguard’s R&D division is poised to grant permits (free of charge!) to those wishing to research the ‘newly discovered’ polychromatic mineral known as Cruspetramite. While previous indiscretions will be overlooked, possession of the mineral without a permit will be considered an offense going forward. In addition, rumour has it that Professor Mackillop is leading a team of scientists, including Mister Bell and Master Tesla, in developing a method to communicate with Stateside Consequence. Welcome news, as the uncertainty of a possible return through the Rift threatens to become unbearable..

Consequence is a Weird West LARP campaign, set in the fictional town of Consequence, Colorado, in 1870. Further information can be found on Diatribe, or the Facebook group.

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