Auckland, 27 February, 2016

7:00pm - 11:00pm

Venue: Meola Road Scout Den
Registration form:
Cost: Players $15, Crew $5.
Website: Facebook event

It's the 27th February 1938 at the Bellasco Theatre, 111th West and 44th Street.

Folks have gathered for a party to celebrate the 21st birthday of Ruth Warwick, singer, actress, political activist and star of 'Rocket to the Moon', the theatre's current hit.

Miss Warwick has generously announced that she wants to use her birthday festivities to raise money for the Less Fortunate, but still wants a lavish affair so she's employed the fabulous and mysterious Miss Goodchilde to throw the bash, and true to form she's invited all kinds of people.

Muster at 7, game start 7.30, assistance with set dressing appreciated from 5.

Please send payment to: NZLARPS- 12-3066-0279570-01 (Auckland account)- Particulars: DRY SPELL, Reference: Last name, first initial.

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