Wellington, 30 March, 2019

1:00pm - 6:00pm

Location: Pinehaven Tennis Club, 37 Pinehaven Rd, Pinehaven, UPPER HUTT [Map]
Cost: Koha
Signup form: Google Forms
More details: Facebook event

The once powerful Green Kingdom has fallen to corruption and decay. It started when the Queen’s daughters went missing. The Queen, in her despair, lost trust in her advisers as they failed time and time again to find her missing children.

As the years went by the Queen ravaged the land to build great machines of war. The people feared her and the strange inventions she unleashed upon the land. The only people that were safe were those that joined her army - an army she used to wage war on the neighbouring kingdoms. The Green Army traversed the stream between the worlds on great mechanised flotillas.

As the land died around the capital the people were forced to flee into the city - a place now ridden with smoke and industry. The once beautiful Kingdom of Green was dead.

Save for one last vestige of hope - a small haven of green, protected by thorns from the scorched world outside. It is here that the Queen’s long lost daughters return to meet the last remnants of the rebellion, both determined to save the Kingdom.

"The Garden of Thorns" is the ninth episode of the "Reloaded" cyberpunk fairytale campaign. Both player and crew roles are available. For more information check out the Facebook group, or contact

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