Auckland, 7 October, 2018

12:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue: Day game - Karekare Beach [Map]. Evening game - 140 Lone Kauri Road, Karekare [Map]
Tickets: Eventbrite
Cost: Players (both games) $25, Players (evening only) $10, Crew (both games) $10, Crew (evening only) $5

You are in Elivigar, the timeless Mists swirling outside the doors and windows. It feels like eternity is going by and yet no time is passing at the same time. The gentle rocking of the Longhouse, the lilt of Skaldic song, and the warmth of the fire lulls you to nod your head and close your eyes.

The next moment you open your eye to find yourself on a deserted beach. The Longhouse is nowhere in sight, and all you see is wilderness stretching around you. You are lost in a strange land that the Mists have brought you to, with no beacon back to Elivigar and no pathway home.

Saga Interlude: Lost in the Mists is a day game to fundraise for Saga 3: Out in the Cold. It will consist of a main game in the afternoon, which will be a combat/physical game held at Karekare beach. This is only suitable for participants who are happy with lots of walking on possibly uneven ground, and to be involved in combat (you do not have to be a combatant to attend, but should be happy OOC to be involved in combat).

This will then be followed by a social event (low plot event) in the evening held at 140 Lone Kauri Rd, Karekare (10 mins drive from the beach). This will be potluck and BYO, around a bonfire. The game will wrap up around 9pm.

NOTE: Saga Interlude: Lost in the Mists will not have any crucial plot points for the main story of the Saga campaign, but is more of a side quest within the world of Saga, so if you are unable to attend then you won’t be missing out on plot for the main weekend games.

Crew, for the afternoon game we will have NPCs for you to play, for the evening game if you already have a Skylding NPC that you play in the game feel free to come as them, otherwise we will write an NPC for you to attend as.

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