Wellington, 20 October, 2018

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue: Pinehaven
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Cost: Koha
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Few are aware that Sentinels protect the Virtual, keeping the worlds within safe from threats. The Virtual is a complex system, easily targeted by those with destructive tendencies, or controlled by those who want power. The Sentinels are there to stop that.

To most gamers, Sentinels look like any other piece of scenery - a fallen tree that blocks a path, a quest giver with very little in its dialogue tree, the walls that surround a city, or maybe the guards that patrol those walls. Sometimes they are the monsters in stories told to make sure no one ventures to a certain part of the world. Whatever form they take, the Sentinels are there to protect

The City of the Fallen is the next episode in the "Reloaded" campaign

But what if they didn’t? What if they awakened from their core programming and saw a bigger life, one of free will where they could create their own dialogue? What if they abandoned their duties? Where would they go?

One would expect, like all programs that are no longer relevant, they would go to the Underworld. But the Exiles that rule there don’t think too kindly of Sentinels. There is a long history of Sentinels mercilessly tracking down Exiles in order to delete them. Sentinels very rarely find a warm welcome in the Underworld.

Instead they go to the City of the Fallen, a world made by Sentinels for Sentinels. It is surrounded by a wall of fire and within its neon streets it brims with opportunity. The fallen Sentinels are no longer bound by their restrictions, and neither is their city. It might be the most dangerous place in all of the Virtual, but it also might be the one where truly anything is possible.

 The City of the Fallen is a near future urban city where the sun never rises and the bars and clubs never close. It is filled with tall buildings, neon lights and street markets. It might seem more cyberpunk than fairytale, but down the darkened alleys lurk the demons and monsters of the darkest fairy tales.


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