Wellington, 11 August, 2018

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue: Pinehaven
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Cost: Koha
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The Shepherd awoke from his dream to hear his dogs barking and his sheep bleating. He looked around but there were no dragons on the horizon, nor wolves over the hills.

“Hush,” he soothed, but the cacophony didn’t subside. “Perhaps you would like a story instead of all this noise? We don’t want to summon any dragons here, we are a long way from the caves”. The flock started to settle and the dogs came to rest beside the Shepherd.

“Let me tell you about the Fourth Kingdom as I heard it from my mother. Once upon a time the Fourth Kingdom was great, but it has fallen apart at the seams. The once benevolent king and queen ruled a peaceful land from their thrones in the great city of Tabor. Even after the queen died there was hope, because she had brought into the world a young princess with skin as white as snow.

“As the princess grew the land blossomed, even the king found new love and remarried, but one day the princess fell gravely ill and was taken to a sacred place in the dark forest to rest. Seven protectors were tasked with looking after her as she rested in a glass coffin, and the king sent knight after knight to find a cure for her.

“As they grew more desperate the new queen herself went into the dark forest to use her magic to save the princess; when she never returned the king was heartbroken. And when the princess died the land of the Fourth Kingdom became heartbroken too.

“Now the city of Tabor is walled up to protect it from the great shadow spreading from the dark forest across the once fertile farmland, now overgrown and blanketed in snow. The dragons of Dragon Mountain no longer fear the warriors of the kingdom; they soar across the land looking for prey, and in every shadow another danger lurks.

“But,” the Shepherd remembered a strange thing from the dream he just had, “there may still be some hope. Somewhere out there in the world there is something that can bring peace and serenity back to this land. Somewhere out there is a memory of Snow.”

The Memory of Snow is the latest episode in the Reloaded campaign. Further details to come.

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