Wellington, 2 June, 2018

All Day

Location: Wellington Girls College, 18 Pipitea St, Thorndon, WELLINGTON [Map]
Cost: $19 (single day registration)
Registration: "Watch the Skies" Meetup. You also need to buy a WellyCon ticket here.

It is January 1962, Kennedy is President of the United States, and Kruschev is premier of the Soviet Union. An iron curtain divides Europe, and proxy wars are fought in several battleground countries as the threat of nuclear Armageddon grows. Unknown to all but a few government officials in the Super Powers and their closest allies, aliens have been visiting Earth for unknown reasons...

Watch the Skies: Cold War is an adaptation of Jim Wallman’s 2014 megagame of alien terror, drawing its inspiration from the TV series like X-Files and Gerry Anderson’s UFO series in the 1970s, movies like Dr Strangelove, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, and War of the Worlds, and computer games like UFO Enemy Unknown. Players are members of teams, with roles in politics, diplomacy, science, espionage, and military operations. Depending on the number of players teams could include: USA, USSR, Aliens, Non-aligned Movement (India, Egypt, Yuogoslavia, etc), Warsaw Pact, Major corporations, National liberation movements, NATO, France, and the United Kingdom.

Watch the Skies: Cold War will be run at WellyCon 2018. To register you must sign up on the Meetup page. You can purchase a ticket for WellyCon in advance, or pay on the day.