Wellington, 11 March, 2018

1:00pm - 6:00pm

Location: Vogelmorn Hall, Vennel St, Wellington [Map]
Registration: Google Form
Cost: Players $10; Crew $5
Website: Facebook event

The abandoned citadel of Sufrant has been opened. After a brief delay while the necessary items were assembled the adventurous and the scholarly are now invited to see what lies beyond the next gate. Pass deeper into the home of Vanhier the Maker, divine creator of marvels and monsters.

This will be a day game will be held through the afternoon of Sunday 4th March in Wellington. We are accepting any returning player characters from previous games to play, and anyone is welcome to sign up as crew. This is our opportunity to present Sufrant to you in a way we would not be able to during a weekend game.

We are aware that not all Embers players will be able to make it to this game, particularly those based outside of Wellington. Significant developments from this game will be recounted in the 'Story So Far' document for the campaign, and many things will be made available to the playerbase as a whole for the next weekend game. We hope that 'Paths of the Maker' will be a fun experience, but it will not hinder anyone's access to the wider plot.

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