Wellington, 14 April, 2018

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue: Pinehaven
Registration form: Google Form
Cost: Koha
Website: Facebook event

Have you heard of the court of shadow? I thought not, for there are few who know of it. It lies in the realm between realms, that strange shadow place you may have found yourself in from time to time. You know the one, the place that feels like a dream but isn’t. The shadow is the place where the balance between life and death is weighed, and the court of shadow...

That is where the Black King takes your measure.

In the court of shadow there are many untold stories, held in the memories of the dead, the murdered, and the forgotten. If you’ve found yourself summoned there, then your role is to judge or be judged. A fate I would not wish on anyone. If you go there of your own volition, seeking an audience with the Black King, then I pity your fate and envy your courage.

However you find yourself there, bring a story, and listen closely to the stories that are told, for when the court is adjourned, and the balance is weighed, the scales will tip. I was not lucky enough to have them tip my way, but perhaps you will be.

"The Court of Shadow" is the sixth episode of the "Reloaded" cyberpunk fairytale campaign. Both player and crew roles are available. For more information check out the Facebook group, or contact

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