Wellington, 24 February, 2018

12:30pm - 5:00pm

Venue: Pinehaven Tennis Club, 37 Pinehaven Road, Upper Hutt [Map]
Registration form: Google Forms
Cost: Koha
Website: Facebook event

It had been the night of their lives, filled with feasting and dancing beneath the full moon of the Midsummer’s Eve. Everything was grander than grand, just like the fairy books your grandmother used to read you when you were little.

In the middle of the dancing two souls met - a young bandit in disguise and the soon to be betrothed princess - and that meeting should have changed the future of the Summer Kingdom.

Unfortunately the princess never found out who her dance partner was before he disappeared into the night as the clock struck twelve. Her only clue was the silver shoe he left behind as he made his hasty getaway.

But not everything is not as it seems in the Summer Kingdom, especially on Midsummer’s Eve, and when the morning finally came alerts sounded throughout the palace - the crown jewel of the kingdom, the Stone of Summer, had been stolen!

The trail leads to somewhere deep in the heart of the Enchanted Woods where bandits, fairies and other creatures gather.

"The Shoe and the Stone" is the fifth episode of the "Reloaded" cyberpunk fairytale campaign. Both player and crew roles are available. For more information check out the Facebook group, or contact

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