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This is the way the world is: radioactive meteorites fall from the sky, bestowing mysteries upon the world, and yet your life is no different to those that went in the generations before you. It has been 500 years since the first recorded meteorite fell.

The spirits are alive, but not part of the living world. It is not unheard of for a curious hand of the living to reach through the thin veil between worlds and seek the knowledge of souls that have passed before them. Sometimes the spirits reach back.

It is up to you and your peers, wherever you fall on the social scale, to take up the mantle of maintaining the balance between the worlds, just like those that have gone before you. Will Ascria prosper or will you live to see the downfall of your people?

Welcome to the Age of the Argent.


The rules are here (external link) , and the setting is here (external link) . Further details can be found on the campaign's facebook group (external link) .