Past Affiliates


The world has settled along its lines. The Five Realms still war and scheme against each other, the boundaries and borders of the nations still shift but nevertheless there has been a measure of stability for many within this generation. Yet, through prophecies, divinations, and the whispers of ethereals across the lands, a portent has arrived. This fragile stability and the fate of the Five Realms hinges upon a Forgotten Island and the events that may transpire there, a place where the legends say human kind first awakened.

The island, surrounded by a ferocious sea of storms that has wrecked innumerable vessels in its gales, the journey will not be easy and many resources have gone into preparing those that will travel under the banner of each nation.

Expeditionary forces, the likes of which have not been seen outside of the great conflicts, have been amassed for this journey.

Brave warriors, skilled mages, and cunning rogues; the most adventurous or foolhardy as some might say, all intend to give it their best. Setting off to the east, they have embarked on a venture of exploration, heroism and wealth, though as to what dangers await them none are certain.