Manawatū, 15 May, 2021

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue: Kelvin Grove Community Centre, 68 Kaimanawa Street, Kelvin Grove, PALMERSTON NORTH [Map]
Tickets/Registration: Registration form
Cost: TBA, but $20 or under to cover venue and snacks.
Website: Facebook event

277, May 17, Asteroid Habitat Aoraki Mountain, Captain's Address to Crew:

"People, we've done this before. The system newcomer Oblivion, whatever its mass, is just another flying rock. Killing rocks is our trade - we have the technology, the manpower, and the will. Earth will not fall on our watch."

2278, April 4, Asteroid Habitat Aoraki Mountain, Captain's Address to Crew:

"... in light of Oblivion 3's failure due to catastrophic equipment malfunction, technical crews will be inspecting Aoraki's infrastructure early this year. We trust that our crew will behave in the spirit of Aoraki as Oblivion passes through our orbit..."

2278, April 4, Captain's Private Log

"This isn't over."

The Face of Oblivion is a science fiction game of hard choices, written by Catherine Pegg. You play the bridge crew of the Aoraki Mountain one of Earth's Space Habitats. It is a 2-3 hour one-off  theatreform game, for 8 pre-written characters.