Wellington, 31 May, 2019

31 May 2019 (4:00pm) – 02 Jun 2019 (4:00pm)

Venue: Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuiomata, Wellington [Map]
Tickets/Registration: Players / Crew
Cost: TBA, but will not be any higher than previous i.e. $110 for players and $60 for crew with a $10 discount for prompt payment.
Website: Facebook event

It has been just two weeks since the researcher 'Tessa' disappeared into the forest. Creatures of darkness, which began to emerge in places where power had once been spilled, have continued to plague the town of Duskwood. It is not yet an invasion, but more and more the local people are afraid to venture far from the town centre and its armed protectors - especially at night. At night the creatures seem bolder, more likely to appear and snatch unwary travellers. Those who are attacked suffer little in the way of wounds, but have their energy sapped in a way that leaves many sickly and can even kill, with time. Intrepid scholars who have figured out something of how the creatures work lend what aid they can

While locals and pilgrims like debate how to stop these creatures other discussions are also taking place, from the loud bravado of the Sundown Tavern to the whispers shared behind closed doors. Should the gods be returned to the world? Could new gods be created, and would they be better? Can the words of an ancient dragon be trusted? Or is there yet a chance for a new way, one that is forged not in imitation but in hope of change?

Darkness closes in on the town of Duskwood, and while humanity holds a light against it... the darkness is hungry.

This is the fifth and final weekend installment of the Embers campaign. Please note that this is Queen's Birthday weekend; the game will still end on Sunday evening as per usual, leaving Monday free.

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