Greater Waikato, 26 August, 2017

12:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: TBA
Cost: $10 players, $5 crew. Bring a friend for half price.
Register: Registration and Payment will be opened July 8th.

During Widow Meredith's memorial feast for her late husband, Imperator Sebastian; the Council of Advisors sent a proclaimation to all Heralds in the realms. This proclaimation ruled that until such a time as the proper line of succession could be sorted out, the Combined Realms shall be ruled by Lord Aiden of house Sancard - a Lesser Noble house. This proclaimation was understandably met with some resistance from Widow Meredith, and the Greater Noble houses. It culminated in Widow Meredith's attempted assassination of Regent Aiden, by the hand of a Morquendi cut throat.

While a temporary truce was eventually made, in honor of the Late Imperator Sebastian's memory, Widow Meredith packed up her household and those still loyal to her and fled in the middle of the night. Regent Aiden has now offered a hefty reward for any adventurer who is willing and able to set out to find and retrieve Widow Meredith UNHARMED.

This will be an adventure module, which has a heavy combat component. Registration and Payment will be opened July 8th. Player Registration will close July 31st at midnight. Crew will be accepted right up to the day.