Auckland, 28 July, 2017

28 Jul 2017 (8:00pm) – 29 Jul 2017 (11:00pm)

Location: Camp Sladdin, Thorp's Quarry Rd, Clevedon, AUCKLAND [Map]
Cost: $40 players, $30 crew (may be subject to change)
Signup form: TBA
More details: Facebook event

The Wasteland has never been a place to rest your bones, but travelling is getting harder between rogue S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/Ws and radiation sickness. Perhaps our unlikely heroes are going to find a safe place to rest, even if only for the night.

Come and join us for the first game of the Danger Days campaign! Please note, your character will be hand written a "why you're here" for the game, so don't fuss much about the setting because it will be tailored to you.

"Danger Days" is a post-apocalyptic larp campaign inspired by the My Chemical Romance album of the same name and the TV series Borderlands. For more information, see the campaign's Facebook group.