Wellington, 2 September, 2017

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Venue: Lawson Pl, Mount Victoria, WELLINGTON [Map]
Registration form: TBA
Cost: $25, $20 for NZLARPS members.
Website: Facebook Event / Campaign website

Guilds meet at Heartwood Peak, the first available map area of 'Thunderrealm Island'. Here, long-standing guilds have constructed their guild halls around one of the island's central hubs, but the peak is open to any characters in the game to use as needed.

From Heartwood Peak, guilds can visit a number of different locations, fighting creatures and collecting information about what exactly has brought them here. After a certain number of quests have been completed, guilds can use the information they've gathered to figure out how to see more of Thunderrealm Island, and how to develop their abilities further. The mysteries of the island are only just beginning.

'Thunderrealm Island Event 1: Heartwood Peak' is a four-hour LARP, held outdoors in the Wellington Botanic Gardens. Please bring comfortable footwear and a water bottle (these do not need to be in character - comfort is more important than immersion). If the weather is bad, we will do our best to locate quests in sheltered areas, but the game will continue as scheduled.

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