Greater Waikato, 17 June, 2017

All Day

Location: Hillcrest scout hall, Hamilton
Cost: $35 per person, or $60 for two people.
Register: Google Form

Account: 01-0373-0004549-50
Name: Succession Chronicles
Reference: Feast + Last name & first initial.

IC: The Good King Sebastian of the Combined Realms has died peacefully and of an apparent illness in his sleep, ending a peaceful Golden Age for the Realms. Tonight, his body must be committed to the fires of Therapasis, so that his Soul may find peace. In addition to this, the Royal Chamberlain must announce the Regent as King Sebastian did leave a named heir. 

The major noble houses all jockey for power as the King's brother, his Bastard Son, The Queen, and the Order of Therapasis all attempt to sway the Chamberlain's opinion. 

Succession Chronicles is a heavily modified and revamped LARP system which is being relaunched on the 17th of June with a Tournament and Feast. 

This is a combined adventuring and political module and there will be plot for both available. In addition to this, if you have a partner or friend who is interested in LARP but not quite ready to jump in feet first, there is an option to come and not take part. If this is the case, armbands and costume will be provided so that players and NPCs know not to engage you in plot. 

This will be held at the Hillcrest Scout Hall off Masters Ave and there are numerous Hamilton Larpers who are willing to host out of towners for the night if need be.