Auckland, 26 February, 2017

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: Auckland Domain, Park Rd, Grafton, AUCKLAND [Map]
Cost: $15, or $12.50 if you are playing another summer series game.
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More details: Facebook event

The year is 2613 and human kind has taken more than a few steps on its interstellar journey. The Federation has colonized, terraformed and establish contact with alien worlds. Humanity has created FTL travel, discovered countless carbon based forms of life and brought our advanced technology to half a dozen different and distinct alien species. Altogether the scope and scale of Human accomplishment is vast and bountiful, it has brought together a trillion men, woman and children.

And yet human kind desires something more. Everything in the local cluster has been too similar to Earth, reflecting our own worlds past and evolution like an ever present warping mirror. The Federation has therefore issued an edict to all scientists of the world, to find something…..different. Something new. That in order for the species to become the true masters of the stars they must come to understand what truly lies beyond the local cluster.

And some 60 light years from the nearest human inhabited star system on a lone science vessel called U.E.S.C Sagan Genesis the lights have just gone out and the ship is falling towards an unexplored and unidentified alien world...

Black Box is a Sci-fi Survival larp for 14 players, written and run by Matt Reyne and Will Nieddu.

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