Wellington, 2 December, 2017

2:00pm - 6:00pm

Venue: 77 Fairlie Terrace, Kelburn, Wellington [Map]
Registration form: Google form
Cost: TBA
Website: Facebook event

Each year sees competitions to become the champions of the fighting pits of Namassis.  Every pit holds it own Maw to decide its champion.  In addition there is the Maw of Navahmi, the greatest champion of the Citadel. The victor of the Maw of Navahmi this year was Ghedron the Bastion.  In honour of his impressive victory  Navahmi announced that a new fighting pit was to be commissioned:  The Golden Sands arena.

The consecration of a new arena is a rare and important event in the life of Namassis.  Aspirants will compete in ritualised duels to become the first champion under the gaze of Navahmi himself.  Battles will be staged with Indentured fighters who have forfeited their lives to Licenced Troop Managers for the entertainment of the city.  Money will be made and fortunes lost betting on the spilling of blood.

Exciting rumors surround the consecration of The Golden Sands.  A convoy recently arrived from Suffrant which many think may contain a Hresh made by Vanheir.  Some have also claimed to have seen a finely dressed Lady of Yardis enroute to the citadel and have claimed it may be Laphoris herself come to bear witness to the games.

The Golden Sands is an event aimed at providing an opportunity for Embers combat and fighting for players of all skill levels as well as option for Non-Combat roles. Players will be indentured gladiators, aspiring champions, managers and spectators in the Golden Arena, competing for the glory of the gods. A background document can be viewed here.